Phil is a singer/songwriter/guitarist just releasing his debut CD, Jangly Bits.

His style is guitar based retro-rock with 70's to 90's influences. Not to mention a few musical dalliances into jazz, blues, latin, and anything else he can mess with.

Phil sounds kinda like REM, Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, John Mayer, Dire Straits, Josh Rouse, and Blue Rodeo to name a few.
His signature sound is jangly guitars, lush harmonies, driving rhythms, and the wailings of Sophie the Enchanted Stratocaster.

Please stay a while and have a listen.
Jangly Bits is ready to download at iTunes or CDBaby.


all songs © 2009, 2010 Phil Redmond

Phil Redmond: Vocals, Guitars
Dustin Roy: Bass
Chad Melchert: Drums

Recorded at Homestead Recorders by Barry Allen