About Phil

Phil was born near London in the U.K. His family moved around over the next few years as dad picked up degrees to eventually become a sports history professor. They lived on the channel island of Jersey, in New Zealand, Massachusetts, and eventually settled in Canada.

Phil lives in Edmonton, Canada. Phil has paid his dues over the years, playing guitar in cover bands since his high school years.

Phil did his first paying gig at 14 years old playing (half-heartedly) in a wedding band. Most of his projects have been rock bands, playing Top 40, grunge, and classic rock. A couple of the bands he played in were Tongue n Groove and The Headlong Walkers. And yeah....he's done a few country gigs to pay some bills :)

Now, Phil debuts his own voice..... his own tunes.


all songs © 2009, 2010 Phil Redmond

Phil Redmond: Vocals, Guitars
Dustin Roy: Bass
Chad Melchert: Drums

Recorded at Homestead Recorders by Barry Allen