Chill Town

Sometimes, I see all those people they're rushing around
They say, get out of our way, you're slowing us down
What I feel is surreal and reveals
What I've known for some time.
I'm out of pace with this fast track world
Got my own kind of sound

Out of space and time
Not a place but a style
I call it Chill town
Chill town
I'm not there but I'm on my way
I have found
Chill town

Sometimes, all those people, try to keep me down
They say, this is what you do, this is all we allow
What I mean when I scream that's obscene
I'm not playing those rules
I got my own kind of one track mind
Time this clock came unwound

It's been a long time
Such a long time
Since I could crawl inside
That special place and hide
It's all mine
Sometimes, all those people
Wonder why they are down
I say, come over this way,
And be found